Mage.Space Heavy Update !!!

Today, Monday, October 23rd, has released a new version of its AI based on stable diffusion.

This update certainly transforms the site into THE go-to reference for online image generation! In fact, Mage.Space has just added, through a new subscription, the ability to upload your own models, LoRa’s, and Textual Inversions.

The process is very straightforward – simply copy the direct download link into the tool provided by the site, and it will be seamlessly integrated into the model database as if it were originally included by Mage.Space.

This seemingly minor addition completely revolutionizes the site! It will allow users to enjoy the same flexibility as local execution on their computer, all without the need for a high-end, powerful machine to perform the rendering.

I can’t wait to test this out and offer you even more variety! Expect to see a bunch of exciting experiments next month!

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